DASFI offers a few different types of scholarships:

  • Distinguished Scholarships
    • In 2024, these were $3,000 each
  • Legacy Scholarships & Awards
    • In 2024, these included $3,000, $2,000, $1,000 and $750 scholarships
  • DASFI Scholarships
    • In 2024, these were $750 each

In 2024, the DASFI board was honored to award 38 scholarships totalling $54,500.  Scholarships ranged from $750 to $3,000 each and were presented to 38 students who are pursuing post high school educational experiences.

Distinguished Scholarships

DASFI awards a special grouping called 'Distinguished Scholarships' each year.  There are no special criteria to be considered for these scholarships. All those who apply to DASFI will be considered for these scholarships.

Legacy Scholarships and Awards

As part of the amount awarded each year, DASFI is proud to award Legacy Scholarships and Legacy Awards in honor or memory of individuals or groups. (Due to interest earnings and other variables, every scholarship listed below may not be offered every year basis.)

DHS Class of 1965 Scholarship
Members of the Class of ‘65 are great friends to DASFI. This scholarship was created through their generosity and unwavering support. This scholarship has been given in their honor since 2006.

Margaret “Peg” Rock Memorial Scholarship
Peg Rock has dedicated her life to caring for others. The Rock family established this scholarship in her honor in 2007. It is given each year to a student following in Peg’s footsteps, pursuing a career in Healthcare.

Herb and Irene Harris Memorial Scholarship
Herb was Dodgeville’s Parks Director for many years. He and his wife, Irene, donated countless hours to make our parks what they are today.  We have been honored to award this scholarship since 2009.

John H. Mingst Memorial Scholarship
Established by his family in 2009, this scholarship is a tribute to John’s years of dedication to Dodgeville’s music programs. It is awarded each year to a student who has been active in the Arts.

Total Media Productions Award
Founded by DHS Alumni Barry Hottmann and John Dalton, Total Media Productions has generously provided their services to DASFI. Through the creation of this web site and our promotional video, they have been instrumental in helping promote our foundation. This scholarship has been awarded since 2008, and is awarded each year to a student seeking a career in video production, film or related field.

Corky Evans Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2011 by Corky’s children, Corey and Tatum, in honor of their father. Corky, who resides in New London, graduated from Dodgeville High School in 1964 and is one of the most outstanding athletes in school history. The scholarship is awarded to a student with a solid academic and athletic background.

Ed & Eunice Jewell Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was originally established in 2012 by the Jewell family in memory of Ed.  Ed & Eunice were respected farmers in rural Dodgeville, and education has always been important to the entire Jewell family.  This scholarship is awarded to a student with an agricultural background, who is continuing their education.

Diane Scott Memorial Scholarship
Known as “Dodger Diane,” this scholarship began when Diane provided her own seed money for a scholarship for a Dodgeville High School graduate. The students in Dodgeville enriched Diane's life by welcoming her at all of their events as their greatest cheerleader. Diane truly enjoyed attending DHS musicals, plays and music performances, so it's fitting that her scholarship(s) are awarded to students who were active in these activities during high school.

Jack F Miess Memorial Scholarship
Jack Miess grew up on a family farm in Dodgeville and was a 1949 graduate of Dodgeville High School. This scholarship is established by his children in honor of his work ethic and humility. Established in 2014, it is awarded each year to a student who displays those same characteristics.

Kathryn McGraw Award
Kathryn was a 1940 graduate of DHS.  She was a life-long farm wife, raising 12 children.  Kathryn was a model of kindness and generosity.  For many years, she baked and donated pies for the annual DASFI Golf Outing Fundraiser.  These pies raised thousands of dollars for scholarships.  DASFI created this scholarship in 2017, and awards this scholarship in her memory.

HH Financial Planning Award
Harry Hellen, DHS Class of 1992, has been a long time board member of DASFI. He generously manages our investments as the President of HH Financial Planning Group in Dodgeville. We award this scholarship each year since 2009, to a student entering a business field.

Julie Van Epps Memorial Award
Julie Van Epps was a long time teacher and coach in the Dodgeville School District and a friend and mentor to many.  Julie's volleyball teams earned state championships in 1995 & 1996, the first for a girls program at Dodgeville High School.  DASFI created this scholarship in 2012, and awards this scholarship in her memory.

Coach Bob Buck Award
Bob "Coach" Buck is a supporter of all things Dodgeville! He helped establish the DASFI Golf Outing, held the 3rd Sunday of September, which has become our main fundraising event. We are proud to honor him with this scholarship, by giving this scholarship since 2010, to a student active in athletics.

Mike & Florence Crubaugh Memorial Scholarship
Mike Crubaugh & Florence Osthoff were both DHS graduates in 1952.  Just after graduation, Mike & Florence were married.  They were longtime business owners of the Quality Bakery and Linens & Accents, two anchor businesses in downtown Dodgeville. This scholarship was established by the Crubaugh family in 2007, and is a tribute to Mike and Florence’s longtime involvement with the Dodgeville business community.

Quality Bakery Scholarship
Four of the five generations of Crubaugh's who have owned or worked at the Quality Bakery are Dodgeville High School Alumni, including the current owner Brian Crubaugh and daughter Courtney.  This scholarship was established in appreciation to the community that has been so important to the Quality Bakery since 1928.

David Fry Memorial Scholarship
David Fry spent 31 of his 34 years as an educator working for the Dodgeville School District. He, as a lifelong learner, enjoyed teaching every day and was willing to go above and beyond to help his students. Knowing the importance of education, David Fry actively pursued his own master's degree and encouraged his students to strive to do their best and further their own education. Established in 2016, this scholarship was set up in his memory by his family and is awarded to a Dodgeville High School graduate enrolled in a college or technical program.

Reukauf Family Scholarship
Established in 2017. Given in loving memory of Royce Reukauf.

Paul and Natalie Morrow Memorial Scholarship
Paul and Natalie Morrow were long-time Dodgeville residents and great supporters of DASFI.  In 1962, Natalie was the first woman to serve on the Dodgeville City Council.  Paul was an attorney in Dodgeville for 43 years.  This scholarship was established in 2013 and honors their support of DASFI and their contributions to the community.

Daryl Tresner Scholarship(s)
This scholarship was initially created in 2017 in honor of Daryl Tresner.  Daryl is DASFI's largest single donor and he has become an active DASFI board member.  This scholarship is given to a student attending Southwestern Wisconsin Technical College, where Daryl believes the excellent education he received there, started him on a successful career as a mechanic and businessman.  Beginning with the Class of 2022, two Daryl Tresner scholarships may be awarded each year.

Ken Stangl Memorial Scholarship
Ken Stangl was an educator, owner and supporter of small businesses and a family man.  Ken was also a DECA advisor for many years at high school and college levels.  This Scholarship was established by his family in 2018 to honor Ken's memory, and is awarded to someone going into a Business related field.

Laurie Balk Memorial Scholarship
Laurie was a long-time resident of Dodgeville, who passed away at age 56 in 2019, after a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis.  This scholarship was established by her husband, and is given to someone pursuing a career in the medical field. This scholarship was first awarded to the Class of 2022.

Rosemary Edwards Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2023 by Terry & Penny Edwards and Ed Edwards & Jean Roth, in loving memory of Rosemary to be awarded to a student pursuing a career in Elementary Education.  This scholarship will be given for 15 years.

Kim L & Toni J (Cerutti) Tredinnick Teaching Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2023 by DHS graduates Kim and Toni, in recognition of Toni's 35 years as a teacher  and in recognition of the continuing need for qualified teachers.

DHS Class of 1977 Scholarship
The Class of '77 took up a collection at their 45th class reunion.  Through their generosity, this scholarship will be given to the Class of 2023 and 2024.

Silver (25th Anniversary) Scholarship
This scholarship is presented to the Class of 2023 by DASFI, in celebration of 25 years awarding scholarships to DHS graduates!  The scholarship is funded by former and current DASFI Board Members.

DASFI Scholarships

DASFI awards a grouping called 'DASFI Scholarships' each year. There are no special criteria to be considered for these scholarships. All those who apply to DASFI will be considered for these scholarships.